After almost a month in hiatus since insomnia59, we’ve had time to reflect on all things XENEX in the last 12 months, the majority of which was spent pondering what we were doing right or wrong in the title CS:GO.

After deliberating on our options and wanting a representative of XENEX in the title, we looked for a rather long time at a variety of teams, each time drawing a blank in one of the very many variables you go through when selecting a team to represent your brand.

It’s with great pleasure we announce our newest addition to the XENEX family, ex-exceL eSports CSGO Team.


Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram
Michael “GhosTy” Armstrong
Karl “KoRaL-” Philip
Kory “Kryzih” Da Rocha-Hitt
Ryan “claw” Williams

This team will be representing XENEX in tonight’s upcoming UK Gaming Tours Qualifier, the upcoming season of ESEA Main as well as the upcoming ESL UK Pro League Qualifiers as well as any other LAN or online events this group decides to have a presence in.

We look forward to seeing the new team in action tonight. Welcome to the family!