XENEX Join The League!

Having housed a Dota2 team for the past few years, XENEX have never really found the right opportunity to delve into the League of Legends scene. This week that has changed with the addition of the newly formed roster lead by Tom “Prosfair” Willis. We began speaking to Tom back in late November/early December about potentially working together for this split of ESL Premiership and we are extremely happy our discussions have come to fruition.

We are extremely pleased to announce, the very first XENEX League of Legends team!

Jordan “Shikari” Pointon – Top
Callum “Sancus” Wilson – Jungle
Jonathan “Red Winter” Bäcklund – Mid
Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev – ADC
Tom “Prosfair” Willis – Support

The team have qualified as of Thursday evening for the upcoming ESL Premiership season and will be competing in the upcoming UK Masters Qualifier, we are extremely excited to see them compete in both competitions!

The team are looking currently looking for an experienced Coach, as well as an Analyst (potentially more than one). If you would like to discuss your interest in either role within the team, message @Sancus on Twitter!